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Rowing Certification

Rowing School Victoria is pleased and proud to be the ONLY Rowing Victoria (RV) endorsed “learn-to-row” program in the State of Victoria, Australia.

Rowing School Victoria has devised a “Certificate of Oarsmanship and Rowing (OAR)” which incorporates all of the guidelines set down by Rowing Australia (RA) in their CAN Row, “Go Rowing” program. It also incorporates other important basic requirements to ensure that recipients of the Rowing School Victoria “Certificate of Oarsmanship and Rowing (OAR)” are educated and skilled in the unique aspects of safety on and off the Yarra River.

Basic procedures, terminology, technique are also included to enable the recipients the ability to enjoy the sport of rowing socially, recreationally or competitively.

Rowing School Victoria “Certificate of Oarsmanship and Rowing (OAR)”

Sculling module + Sweep module + Competition module
= “Certificate of Oarsmanship and Rowing (OAR)”

There are 3 levels to be completed competently and independently

Bronze Bronze: Safety on and off the water
silver Silver: Procedure and terminology
gold Gold: Technique and drills

Once a qualified Rowing School Victoria instructor has assessed all skills on the checklist and all have been completed competently, without assistance; the participant will be deemed to have satisfied all of the requirements to obtain their “Certificate of Oarsmanship and Rowing (OAR) – Sculling module”. Participants will then be able to progress towards obtaining the Rowing School Victoria “Certificate of Oarsmanship and Rowing (OAR) – Sweep module”.

NOTE: Rowing School Victoria requires that the sculling module is completed before moving onto the sweep module. The sculling and sweep modules both need to be completed before the competition module is commenced.

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